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NORMIPro Management Case Studies


NORMIPro Management has completed case studies evaluating indoor living environments with pre and post screening laboratory analysis and found that in every case, major improvements were realized. Lowering absenteeism, allergic reactions, and other environmental-related illnesses has consistently been the result of instituting our sanitization protocols. With the proper solutions in place to match the specific and unique problems of each indoor environment, improvement is nearly immediate and when an ongoing scheduled maintenance program is instituted, the solutions are permanent. Here are some examples of what we have accomplished:


Blower-Door Testing Leads to High Energy Efficiency Protocol


The battle between Energy Efficiency and Healthier Air has met its match. The NORMIPro Management team has now developed a protocol that allows the building, either commercial or residential, to be tightened up reducing all air infiltration issues, leaky ductwork and hot exchange without negatively effecting the air quality. In fact, the NORMIPro Management High Energy Efficiency Protocol creates a healthier indoor environment by incorporating the trademarked MCI™ Multi-Cluster Ionization technologies, effective passive fresh air makeup and water-based low VOC sealants to accomplish the task. Finally there is a way to seal up the environment without the unintended consequence of worsening the air quality.


NORMIPro Management Research and Development Team


In August of 2009, NORMIPro Management identified engineer Dave Tupman as Chief Technology Officer to begin developing protocols to deal with Chinese Drywall (since called contaminated or tainted drywall), expand the NORMI Certificate of Sanitization program and design/engineer new air purification technologies that could be incorporated into air purification systems. Since partnering with Mr. Tupman, NORMIPro Mgmt. has developed comprehensive sanitization protocols in a variety of industries with unique environments and introduced the trademarked MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) process to clean and purify indoor air environments.

Working with Maxia and their design team, NORMIPro Management is now bringing to the marketplace and entirely new line of MCI technologies utilizing both enhanced PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) and DBO (Di-electric Barrier Ionization) technologies that are more effective and more cost-effective than older, less desirable technologies. Using smaller and more effective components and a combination of those through synergistic and practical design, this new generation becomes the heart of the NORMIPro Management Santization Solutions Protocol

NORMIPro Mgmt. will continue to research and develop new technologies, products/services to enhance its ability to offer unique and holistic solutions to the multi-faceted problems property owners face when dealing with trying to improve indoor environments to the benefit of their employees and/or building occupants.

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Medical Industry Sanitization Solution


Noscomial infection rates (HAI-Hospital Acquired Illnesses) continue to increase. With the advent of good sanitization techniques, air and surfaces still need to be addressed in a pro-active holistic way beyond simple wipe-down procedures. NORMIPro Mgmt. conducts IAQ surveys and assessment in medical facilities to evaluate the need for air quality solutions. Under the direction of a professional medical staff, protocols are established to properly assess environments for existing contamination levels and solutions are specifically designed for that unique environment. In cases where these solutions have been put in place, a reduction in air and surface contamination is proven through IAQ testing and VOC sampling.


Marine Industry Sanitization Solutions


Cruise ships and other marine vessels present special and unique challenges when it comes to indoor air quality. Moist environments combined with closed quarters and lots of people traffic create a "perfect storm" for bacteria and mold to breed. We read in the newspaper on a regular basis the issues some companies deal with on a regular basis and are proud to be able to say our clients have eliminated or significantly reduced the instances of infection and high absenteeism rates among their employees.

With the NORMIPro Management assessment and subsequent sanitization protocol, it is not about changing the way surfaces and air quality is cleaned but about complimenting those efforts with the additional solutions to air pollution and surface cleaning. MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) has revolutionized the way air is cleaned in indoor environments and the total synergistic approach we take to those environments is truly the answer the cleaning them up. Creating safer, healthier places to live, work and play is our goal and we accomplish that every single time we are given an opportunity.


Poultry Industry Sanitization Solution


In June of 2011, NORMIPro Mgmt. was invited to participate in the formation of a team of experts focused on the agriculture industry, especially poultry facilities. The poultry industry is managed in four different stages identified as layers, hatcheries, growers and processing plants. Each stage/environment presents its own challenges because of the nature of that specific environment. Some environments are extremely wet and sanitization protocols must include a high level of safe, non-toxic chemicals which are biodegradable and, primarily, water-based. Other environments are completely dry and require a special emphasis on a combination of air filtration and purification technologies. Still other environments are a mix of both wet and dry and require a more wholistic solution to indoor air and surface contamination. Production standards at every stage require precise evaluation of the environment before solutions may be offered so the end result is increased productivity and reduced mortality. NORMIPro Mgmt. has played an integral part in establishing sanitization protocols specifically designed for the environments and proven success has prompted the poultry industry to seek solutions NORMIPro Mgmt. and its team offers.


Manufacturing Facility Remediation Project


In October of 2010, NORMIPro Mgmt. was invited to access a manufacturing facility for visible mold growth found around windows in a second floor of their two-story office complex. Upon further evaluation and as a result of the assessment process, it was determined that the mold and bacteria problems were, in fact, systemic and includes an area of the office complex four times as large as the owner at first suspected. As a result of the thorough investigation, a remediation protocol was established and a project commenced that would remediate all mold and bacteria issues and put in place a NORMI Sanitization Protocol that resulted in a NORMI Certificate of Sanitization and ongoing Healthier Environment Warranty.


Oil Industry Sanitization Solution


On October 10, 2009, in conjunction with FORCE Group, NORMIPro Mgmt. was invited to be a part of a team invited into the oil industry by an oil industry leader to evaluate indoor air quality concerns on off-shore oil rigs. This participation required training in deep-water water survival training, CPR, and security clearances which was accomplished within 30 days of the request. The oil company's was centered around the quality of air in these environments as they affected the health and safety of those working on the rig. Though there was concern for absenteeism rates, of course, the more specific concerns dealt with the "below-par" performance that often resulted from bacteriological and viral infections and/or exposure to other workers who, through contact transmission, created a less than healthy environment. To date, five off-shore facilities have been evaluated utilizing NORMI Assessment protocol and NORMI Sanitization Protocols have been implemented resulting in a reduction of contaminants in the indoor environments. As a result of this success, NORMIPro Mgmt. and the FORCE team have been awarded master vendor status with one of the largest oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico to be its vendor of choice for solutions to indoor air quality issues.


EnviroScreening Evaluation of activTek InDuct 10000 No Ozone


InDuct 1000On July 21, 2008, in conjunction with EnviroScreening, LLC and activTek Environmental, NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, established a protocol for evaluating the new InDuct NO OZONE 10000 air purification system. The home tested was a new, 28,500 cubic foot home recently completed in the Lakeview area of New Orleans, LA. The home was constructed according to the standards of and qualified for the NORMI Healthier Home Certification utilizing green technologies, low voltage lighting, sustainable lumber, and low VOCs carpet and paint. Formaldehyde levels were within range both pre- and post- and no ozone was detected at any time during the seven day testing period from 07/21/08 to 07/28/08. As indicated below, air and surface swab samples indicated a significant reduction of both non-viable particulate and viable mold spores during the test period and resulted in the reduction of indoor air contaminants to a "normal/expected" level, what NORMI considers acceptable. View testing documentation.


California Gemini Study


On June 13, 2008, in conjunction with EnviroScreening, LLC and EcoQuest International, NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, established a protocol for evaluating the new Gemini stand-alone one-room air purification system. The rooms tested ranged from 110 square feet (770 cubic feet) up to 268 square feet (2680 cubic feet) in occupied homes in the Lake Arrowhead area of southern California. The protocol consisted of a pre-placement screening followed by a sample collection in 4 hour, 24 hour, and 72 hour increments. A substantial reduction in both particulate and biological contaminants was evidenced. The green horizontal line on the graph indicates the level at which NORMI considers indoor air contaminants to be in the "normal/expected" range. View testing documentation.


Church Buildings IAQ Improved


Church meeting houses have a special problem with indoor air quality contaminants and we have been contacted by several church leaders who were worried about losing members who were highly allergic to the buildings. People who especially sensitive to allergens often find church buildings musty and a source for allergic reactions. Church sanctuaries are typically designed for large crowds. Sometimes the enthusiastic optimism of the leadership team creates a large building which is then often occupied by small numbers of people. The HVAC system simply over-drives the space and because of the limited use of the building and the oversized HVAC system, mold and bacteria run rampant. NORMIPro Management has provided sanitization solutions which include ongoing IAQ Management and this maintenance program has resulted in cleaner environments and happier parishioners.



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