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IAQ/Mold Assessments - NORMIPro Management has developed an indoor air quality sampling protocol to establish a baseline IAQ Profile in any indoor environment. This IAQ profile enables the consultant to form conclusions about conditions, causes and sources of contaminants and solutions to remedy those issues. People with suppressed immune systems or other compromised health, recognize the importance of implementing sanitization protocols to clean the air and surface and create healthier environment indoors.

Environmental Studies - NORMIPro Management establishes an investigation protocol to fit your environment. Each environment is used by its occupants in a unique way and our fresh look will provide insight into the various causes, conditions, and contaminants that contribute to unhealthy living spaces.

Environmental Consulting - Once a study is complete the results are analyzed by our team of professionals to determine what solutions may be provided to establish a healthier environment that would result in lower absenteeism and greater productivity.

Administrative Management Services - NORMIPro Management, through its vast resources and strategic alliances, can formulated management services that will provide support for systems needed to maintain a healthier environment. It is imperative that scheduled maintenance programs be administered successfully to accomplish the client’s goals.

Environmental Training Programs - Facilities Maintenance Directors and their staff may need additional training in the applications of products or services required to maintain sanitization protocols and warranties. The NORMIPro Management Training Team is prepared to provide onsite or distance learning opportunities to better educate and provide ongoing training to fortify the effective of solutions.

Environmental Products Fulfillment - NORMIPro Management continues to evaluate new technologies to deal with emerging environmental issues. With ongoing research, the team can provide the very best solutions and make those available to its clients through local, national, or international distribution networks making the implementation of scheduled maintenance program easy and effective.

Other Services - NORMIPro Management is able to provide a range of services under its umbrella of management services for small businesses. These services include custom tailored benefit programs, phone and online chat services, Internet IT management, hosting, and website development, virtual PBX integrated telephone systems, and local, regional and national response teams through our Environmental TASC Force.

"The success we have experienced with our clients has been very rewarding. We always look at new projects with anticipated excitement because we know we can find a solution to the problems that exist. The answers are not always related to a larger budget - sometimes it’s simply a better decision, a change of procedure, or a different product that provides a permanent solution. In every case we are able to provide a better living environment, a safer and healthier workplace that results in lower absenteeism and retention."


Management/Consulting Resources


NORMI - The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors trains and certifies professionals in the mold abatement industry. NORMI also certifies professionals in the fields of IAQ, Drinking Water, and other biological contaminants. NORMI is a cooperative group of Certified IAQ/Mold Inspectors and Certified Mold Remediators who have successfully completed training and certification in those specific areas of expertise. For more information on NORMI please visit www.NORMI.org

Best Training School - Our classes train and certify students in the process of testing for household mold and toxic mold, evaluating mold problems, the damage caused by mold and other air and water quality issues. Our instructors are trained in the latest mold detection, abatement and removal techniques, and present classes designed to fit the industry by being dynamic, informative, and interesting. For more information on NORMI please visit www.BestTrainingSchool.com

Environmental TASC Force - The NORMIPro Environmental TASC Force is a "Team Approach to Solving Challenges". Who is the TASC Force? The TASC Force is an international organization made up of local Chapters of environmental professionals from many diverse fields of specialty, meeting weekly or biweekly to network, share resources, collaborate on client projects and be a positive force and voice within their communities. It can also provide needed services as a disaster response team for the community. NORMIPro Management participates in the Environmental TASC Force because virtually all studies and evaluations require a team approach to first evaluate, then establish a protocol and, finally, provide fulfillment to satisfy protocol requirements. For more information on the TASC Force, see www.NORMIProETF.com


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